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What an experience! My colleague Benjamin Schmuck and I, from Anna Rising Lab, went to the science fair “Science is Wonderful”, organized by Marie-Sklodowska-Curie actions with the support of the European Commission.

During this event, around 5000 kids visited spectacular booths, where enthusiastic scientists explained to them the beauty of their research. Together with the activities at our booth, we also delivered a science show in which we tried to explain the beauty of spiders and their importance for developing our knowledge!

In some moments, we were trampled! It was a super nice experience, and we got to learn a lot from the curious kids who always ask super smart questions!

It is true that, if you can explain something to a kid, you will be able to explain it to everyone!

This is what Marie-Sklodowska-Curie actions are about “Developing talents, advancing research”. One promising way to do it is to inspire the future generations.

It is interesting to feel the sensation of pure joy when you realize that you helped a kid overcome his/her fear!


Science communication is the only way to ensure impact of your research!

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