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Gratitude page

A special thank you to the people who played a major role in my journey.

Thank You...

Benjamin Schmuck

for having been a great scientific colleague and for having allowed me to dive into biochemistry.

Anna Rising

for having supported me morally and practically during many of the challenging moments of my professional life.

Nicola M. Pugno

for teaching me the value of honesty and perseverance.

Nicola Grandi

for having mentored me in planning my career. 

Caroline Grabbe

for having taught me the value of a carefully designed life/professional plan.

Diego Misseroni

for having shown and taught me the value of honesty, and hard work, and for being a constant example of resilience.

Ludovica Cipriani

for having taught me that life goals can be achieved through hard work. 

Anna Maria Masi & Ruggero Lunghi

for having leveraged my passion to exploit my natural inclinations.

Lorenzo Moschini and Lorena Maines

for having taught me how to have fun with electron microscopy.

Devid Maniglio

for having listened to me and guided me in the mess of the ASN.

Mauro Merli

for having allowed me to escape my mental prison when I needed it and for having shown me how to live in the mountains. 

Asa, Linus, and Hanna

for being the best “second” family that anyone can wish for.

Désirée Zucchi

for having taught me how to convey an idea. 

Federico Montoncello

for having said “Yes, you can work with your passion” which introduced me to the world of academia.

Carlo Maria Legittimo

for having taught me that behind every success there is always a long-term carefully designed plan. 

My family

for having supported me unconditionally through all my major steps.  

Virginia Mastellari

for having taught me what love means.

My mom

for being the best person I know, from whom I can always get some inspiration to improve my life.

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