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Gabriele Greco

Hello! I’m a scientist passionate about spider silk and biomechanics, split between Italy and Sweden, finding inspiration in nature’s wonders. Welcome!

Who am I?

Hi there! I’m Gabriele, a passionate scientist with a background in Physics and Materials Science. My research is a fascinating journey into the intricate world of spider silks and the biomechanics of these incredible creatures. Splitting my time between the picturesque landscapes of Italy and the enchanting beauty of Sweden, I find inspiration in the wonders of nature.

  • Expertise in Spider Silk and Biomechanics
  • Global Perspective, Local Inspiration
  • Interdisciplinarity as a life style


I love to collaborate with other people, especially if it means connecting different disciplines and concepts. If you are interested in collaborating and/or asking me support for thesis of any level, just contact me pressing the button below!

Research apart, I’m deeply engaged in activities that foster community connections in the places I call home. The disclosure of my scientific results and spider knowledge, is not just a professional commitment but a significant part of my life.

Sharing Knowledge

I take immense joy in sharing my knowledge and passion for spiders and science, particularly within the educational sphere. Whether it’s in schools of any level or through community events, the dissemination of scientific understanding is a core aspect of my mission.


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