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Picture this: we wrote a Marie-Skłodowska-Curie Actions Postdoctoral fellowship application, and we received a 100% score, ranking 1# worldwide in the CHEmistry panel!

In the vast sea of advice swirling around, guiding aspirants toward the shores of success, one could find many reads out there, pinpointing the key aspects that make an application successful (see here, and there). In principle, I could also share some tricks and tips to write a successful MSCA post-doctoral fellowship application, and if you are eager to delve deeper into practical tips, just reach out (Contact me!). Indeed, in these years I have tried to help as many people as possible in writing their proposals, also participating as a mentor in many courses (like Navigating Brussels).

But this is not why I wanted to write this post. The real question is, what is it like to write an application for an early career scientist?

The process is surely tough, and it kills time efficiently. You can spend two or three hours per day for months, and then realize that you need years instead.

The process is also fun because it is a rare opportunity to introspect. You will have to think about yourself, your work, and your future career.

Thus, penning an application for an early career fellowship demands clarity of purpose, a stepping stone on the path to self-realization.

It is thus obvious that every single minute you spend in writing and re-writing your application is not lost, but it serves a greater purpose. Rejection might sting, especially after months of hard work, and, trust me, I know this very well since the first time I applied I did not get it (DO NOT GIVE UP).

After the process, I felt empowered with a high level of self-awareness, which made me see my objectives, how to reach them, and when.

For me, the MSCA application was a revelation. A beacon of hope illuminating the way forward, reminding me that persistence pays dividends. So, my biggest advice is: base your aspirations on passion, fuel your journey with determination, and rest assured, the fruits of curiosity will be yours to harvest. For in the realm of research and discovery, there are no limits—only boundless horizons waiting to be explored.

What are you waiting for?

Just start planning you application!


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